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Review: The Covenant Series- J.L Armentrout

The Covenant series was like a breath of fresh air after my book-deprived state of several weeks. I’ll be forever thankful to Goodreads for this. There is long list of reasons as to why I loved the books and I’ll start with mentioning that the series consisted of some of the few rare books which actually have a kickass female protagonist. Mary Sues and damsels-in-distress have been hogging the spotlight for far too long.

Alexandria a.k.a Alex is passionate and feisty, a little sarcastic and volatile, but undoubtedly an admirable character who kicks ‘daimon’ butts on a regular basis. She doesn’t have a single drop of Mary Sue blood in her veins, doesn’t start sobbing her heart out at the slightest mishap and she certainly isn’t meek or docile.

“Come one step closer, and you’ll end up like your buddy upstairs.” I hoped I sounded threatening enough. Not likely. “Try me.”
His brows rose. “Now you’re starting to upset me. That’s two of us you’ve killed.”
“You keeping a tally or something?”
The ringleader advanced on me. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”
I swallowed and fixed a smirk on my face. “Blah. Blah. You’re gonna kill me. Blah. I know.”

“Several write-ups for issues of disrespect toward your teachers and other students,” he continued. “A particular note here, written personally by Instructor Banks, states your level of respect for your superiors is seriously lacking and had been an ongoing issue.”
“Your problems with respect didn’t appear to be your only issues.” He picked up another piece of paper and his brows rose. “You were disciplined numerous times for sneaking out of the Covenant, fighting, disruption of class, breaking numerous rules, and oh yes, my personal favorite?” He looked up, smiling tightly. “You had racked up repeated demerits for breaking curfew and for fraternizing in the male dormitory.”

Yep…definitely a rebel!

The second thing about the books that was quite intriguing was the whole Greek Mythology setup with a twist. It was incredible how the author justified each minor addition to the myths with a story and the entire concept of forbidden love between half blood and pure blood hematoi(descendants of demigods sired by the Olympian gods) is quite a treat.

The third thing would have to be the most droolworthy assortment of hawt guys! :P

Enter Aiden St Delphi- pure blood Sentinel, dedicated to saving the world from ‘aether’ thirsty ‘daimons’, he can follow Alex to the end of the Universe. He is not overbearing(maybe a tad protective), is hotness personified(stormy gray eyes, dark locks, six packs and the like), he can wield daggers and spar his way to victory….he doesn’t sparkle in sunlight…yeah he is damn near perfect. At least as perfect as perfect can get with having a childhood tainted by a painful tragedy, a brother who appears to be Dionysus, the party god’s soul twin and a ‘breed order’ that forbids him from being with the girl he adores. Aahh…the angst!

“Yes.” He brushed my hair back from my face. “Since the night I saw you in Georgia, you’ve been under my skin. You got inside me, became a part of me. I can’t shake it. It’s wrong.” He shifted us, rolling me across the bed until he leaned above me. “Agapi mou, I can’t...” He brought his lips down to mine once more.

But even Aiden has nothing on the almost-but-not-quite antagonist of the series, the powerful ‘Apollyon’ Seth. Having a pureblood mother who didn’t want to have anything to do with him and a half blood father he never knew didn’t make his childhood the most delightful one. But everything changed when he turned out to be the First Apollyon of the generation and a potential Godkiller.

“You cannot tell me that Seth is not primed for disaster. He already has an ego of a god, and trust me, I would know. The kind of power that a God Killer can harness is astronomical and unstable. He is already feeling the effects of it.”

There are two sides to Seth- the arrogant, rude, cocky, womanising and power hungry SOB or the seldom seen vulnerable, caring and sweet guy who has the hots for Alex.

He rolled his eyes. “I mean, what if you had other choices not given to half-bloods? To live a normal life?”
“I already did that,” I reminded him, “for three years.”
“Would you do it again?”
Why he was asking this? “Would you?”
Seth snorted. “I wouldn’t give up being a Sentinel for the world. Or being the Apollyon. I rock.” Laughing, I rolled my eyes. “Wow. You’re so humble.”
“Why should I be humble? I’m great.”

The description of the Olympian Gods is hilarious. The absurdity of Hades dressed in leather pants and Artemis checking out Aiden’s ass coupled with Dionysus resembling a college dropout and Apollo telling Zeus to ‘kiss it’, makes the books an absolute laugh riot at times.

Two leather-encased legs, then narrow hips, and a broad chest appeared out of thin air. By the time my gaze traveled to his face, I think I’d stopped breathing. “Darkly handsome” didn’t do him justice. “Sinfully beautiful” wasn’t even in the ballpark when trying to describe this raven-haired god. The smell of sulfur and smoke gave away his identity. Hades was sort of hot for a god, and I was sure he was there to kill me.

J.L Armentrout has definitely surpassed herself. Wish April would come soon....can't wait for Apollyon!

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